About Us

What defines a brand, a product or an organization are the stories it tells. With the right alchemy of authenticity, flavor and creativity, brands can leverage video to ignite engagement and forge connections.

Who are we ?

Ampersand is a Seattle-based video production company serving clients nationwide. We work with companies and organizations led by people who deeply believe in what they’re building and providing.

We believe passion is contagious.

It’s our mission to capture the spark that drives our clients, that thing that excites them most about what they’re doing. And to translate that into video. Because that essence is magnetic- it pulls viewers in and makes them want to be a part of it.

Why Us ?
We’re dedicated to working with you to bring your story to life.

Whether it’s a product launch, a social media campaign, a branded series or something else you’re dreaming of, we’ll create content that connects with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Are you ready to unleash the power of video to grow your business? Email – we’d love to hear what you’re passionate about. We’ll put together a free proposal formulating ideas for how to tell your story.

What we do
Branded Series

Series build brand awareness through consistent, episodic content. Our approach is to develop a stylized identity for each series that aligns with the brand’s personality, from the intro to graphic overlays to the flavor of the music and sound effects. 

social media content

Whether its a series of snappy recipe videos or a heartwarming story, our strategy for social is to capture attention and deliver immediate impact.

Fundraising videos

The nonprofits and schools we’ve created fundraising videos for come back to us again and again. We know how to develop content that captivates, inspires and ultimately delivers results.

product videos

What better way to introduce your product to the world than through video? We can harness comedy, narrative and emotional appeals to show viewers why they need your product and what it achieves.

event promos

We’ve created event promos and recap videos for a number of fundraisers, business conferences and awards ceremonies. We leverage powerful speakers, moments of attendee interaction and venue details to capture the spirit of each event.


From profiles of artists to the stories of mission-driven schools, we create documentaries with purpose and passion. Documentary can be a powerful medium to open minds and spur action.