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Going Rogue (working title)

Freedom of the press has long been one of America’s most cherished liberties. But today it is under attack. Once applauded for exposing government corruption and institutional failures, journalists that scrutinize current mainstream narratives are discredited and censored. Frustrated by publisher agendas and editiorial control, principled reporters are abandoning major news outlets and striking out on their own.

Going Rogue (working title) follows a cadre of writers, podcasters and show hosts publishing independent content, depending on donations from subscribers to make a living. But free from the media giants, the battle to publish freely has just taken on new form with the platforms they use to host their work and collect donations imposing new censorship and restrictions. The film follows their struggle to convey truth despite the risk to their livelihoods and reputations.


Ignition: Souls of San Francisco

On the surface, Dijon Bowden is a talented street photographer who has told thousands of people’s stories. But anyone who has stood in front of his lens or who has gazed deeply into one of his photographs can tell you that there’s something bigger going on. IGNITION: Souls Of San Francisco is the story of a movement that’s caught fire in San Francisco and has started spreading across the nation. It’s the story of all sorts of souls, seen through a lens of love and compassion, awakening to their own presence and purpose and to the other souls around them.

The magic in Dijon’s photography comes from the positive energetic force that he cultivates and radiates. This light is there, reflected back, in the eyes of each individual he photographs. His project, SOULS of Society, has connected hundreds of thousands of people in a growing community of empathy, openness, and awakening. The film follows Dijon and some of the people his project has touched, delving beyond his photographs to the heart of what he’s been called to do.